Wednesday, February 28, 2007

to travel

this year is the year of the itchy feet.  i have been all around mindanao and manila all so many times that i feel a visitor when i go home already.  but whois complaining, this is what i wished for and now god, in his wisdom gave in to my silly-ness.

and as if it was not enough, i am going to basilan - sulu- tawi tawi in the week after next!  i have been wishing to go there and look at what god has given me.  in my quiet moments i came to think about stuff that makes me smile, even at the mere prospect.

stuff # 1:  i travel because i like.  there is no one thing that i want to do the most, it is to travel and be at places most people can only dream of.  it is something that has breathed more life in my mundane and simple life.  the fulfilment of getting to my destination and the simple waiting while life passes me by, watching through my window, is the serene thought that i am living.  doing what i should be doing. 

stuff # 2:  i travel to be:  not only do i travel to go to places but also to do something worthwhile.  i feel that my talents should be shared to those who need them.  i am not a superman to save the world, but at least, i know that i am a man for others.  someone who can do things with a smile in his face, even if it means being sent to places not in the map.

stuff # 3:  i travel to my destiny.  like any confused person, i am on the search for my jewel.  i am on my road to writing my history.  traveling somehow gives me a physical sense of getting "there" to my kaira-uma, to my desired state. i dream of saving souls, even just one, even if that soul is mine.

enough of this messianic/philosophical bullshit.  but at the very least, i travel because i am happy travelling. and i guess people do what they do because it brings a joy, a smile in their lips.  if i am to die today, i would like to hear that someone declares in her eulogy, "jerry is someone who can never stay in one place."

and so off i go.  i may not be the happiest person, but i feel that i am contented and just chilling to accept what my travels, and life in general has to offer.

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