Monday, February 26, 2007

post script manila

my manila trip started with an almost fiasco, only to end up as one. 

my flight to davao was slated at 4p, saturday.  i was getting ready and leaving, mayon street at around 2p.  i was waiting there, looking both ways for a taxi that would take me to the airport.  some stopped and as soon as they read my mouth saying "airport, to the airport" they immediately shook their weary head of theirs and proceeded in their way.  not bothering to care

at 2.30p, with a more worried line traversing my forehead, i asked omar to bring me to the airport.  i knew i wouldn't make it when we crossed nagtahan and the diggings on my right were happily digging away, while motorists are slowly moving.  but i wanted to push on.  i wanted to go home right away. 

and so it goes, arrived at the airport at 3.30p, made my way to the counter.  the lady at the counter was already all relaxed, sucking on a lollipop as she said "a;lsdful;,n;dgopwr.nfg;asgliyglgfl;u"  translated: the counter is closed, its a full flight, rebook your flight for the earliest schedule, which is tomorrow, sunday.


oh well, what is another night in manila?

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