Monday, May 07, 2007

let me see today is may 7

today is probably just any other day on the road for me.

not with standing the fact that i am in cagayan de oro for the night, and typing away in gazebo cafe in a. velez street. i also came from a whole day talking with a good friend who is running for a party list seat in congress.

we talked about just about anything, his campaign, his struggles, the many compromises that he has to make, and basically the passion to change some things, if not a lot of things.

however, while listening to him, what struck me most is that i have never really thought about the coming elections. i remember that i used to be so passionate about elections, about the sanctity of the vote, about the little thing i can do to contribute for change.

but ever since i put my trust on gma, preferring her over fpj, and raul roco (i know, shame on me...) i came to be disillusioned. i thought that there is really nothing i can do to change governance, to stop corruption to influence the leadership of this country. and i am left to sulk at my own opinion. somehow when i saw gma (who was my girlfriend in a dream), that i voted for, saying sorry in front of live television, my hope succumbed.

but talking to my friend somehow created a tiny spark in my almost-apathetic-may-14-attitude for the elections. i came to realize that, yeah while my vote is only one vote, it is but indeed something that could chart the story of this country. i was wrong in 2004, not voting now would be more wrong.

at least now, 7 days before the polls open, i come to articulate one very important lesson i learned: that is to vote, not out of practicality, but out of conviction. and the belief that something wll turn out well from all of this, and the hope that we can still work together.

eeeewwwww. shitty realizations, but then again that is just me. hoping and praying and still believing that my vote is still my voice, and my future.

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