Tuesday, August 21, 2007


manila is becoming more real as my 9p flight tomorrow approach. i do not know what the future holds for me in that jungle. however, to keep my wits, i made a list of three things that would, hopefully guide me to reintegrate, re-enter manila.

with the waves making their way to the shore, and she as my witness. i will keep in mind:

1. suck it up

manila would have changed. as i have changed, tremendously. and thinking that everything will all be the same is probably expecting too much. i expect a lot of changes. and whining would not help at all. so suck it up jeriboi. life is not over, in fact it is just beginning... again.

2. suspend judgement

am the world's greatest complainer. and if there is one place in the whole wide world that has earned my ire, that would have been manila. i would complain every chance i get. how the weather is too hot, how the air is too polluted, how the traffic is so goddamned slow. but, i think i have to give manila a chance to redeem herself. it cannot be that bad. and even if it is, there would be friends and family.

3. davao and manila are not the same

davao has been home in the past five years. in fact, i wanted it to be home for me going forward. but manila is still a home. and thinking how much better one place over the other might not be fair. for both places.

am writing these things, because things would be a blur in the next few days. there are things to look forward to in manila. as there would be a lot of memories that would occupy my perception of things.

and my biggest problem is packing into bags and boxes, five years of a life. now that sucks.


  1. hello je! wish you all the best bro. manila will really never be the same the moment you left for davao. strive harder to make manila a place to be for you..for now... davao will be a treasure chest full of memories. NO matter how you packed things up as you go, the memories of davao and mindanao will surely not fit in one packing. you will always be Anak ng Dabaw! Balik-balik pirmi. Lahi ra gyud ang beer diri.hehehe. cheers and see you again sooner!

  2. hi mark, salamat for the kind words. ug mobalik man ko kanunay kay mindanao gyapon ang akong balay.


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