Sunday, September 02, 2007

morning walk

more than a week back in the jungle. i still get that surprised feeling every time i open my eyes in the morning. i still have to remind that i am back in manila. i have taken it upon myself to make the most of this move and come up with a few things that i have (re)discovered around.

one of the things i (re)noticed in manila, particularly in manila is that, people walk more quickly in the morning. every morning, as soon as the fx deposits its passengers in ayala avenue, i feel like i am in some sort of a race. once the door has opened and the radio sounds of love radio is drowned by the bustle of business in makati, i feel that the starting gun has been fired. and everyone would seem to just run off, in a dizzying pace at that.

at first, my legs remembered the tension of walking quickly. i lift my shoulders, getting ready to move sideways if necessary. my legs moving quickly, diagonally, always forward, never halting. arms swinging in tune to the cadence of my legs. eyes forward, never noticing the faces of those who walk by.

i get to the office 10minutes after with sweat blotting my polo, my handkerchief starting to get drenched, and with breath almost out.

but then again, i remembered, that this same race is one of the things that i have happily foregone in davao. i resolved to keep it easy the next morning in the twilight i realized this.

and so, as soon as my feet landed in front of pnb in ayala, i stopped awhile. i let all those women in fancy clothes and men walk past me. i tried to notice the greyness of the sky. the tensed eyebrow of the woman walking past me.

i tried to walk lightly. not digging my heels into the hard pavement. i noticed that there is a taho vendor at the corner of ayala and paseo de roxas that morning, and bought myself a php10 glass. the price did not increase in the five years i was away.

people still walk past me, in this morning ritual in which they probably are not even aware of. i felt their anxiety, and their hurry so early in the morning. i clutched whatever peace that is still left of me and tried to rub it off them. i would have probably given it all if they peeked a quick glance into my face.

i arrive at the office 15minutes later. my polo still brandishes a sweat blotch, though my handkerchief is a little bit dry. but i think, i am more prepared to handle today. five minutes is a small price to pay for a good morning anyways.

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