Saturday, September 15, 2007

for now

the long wait is over. after months of hearing avenue q from my computer, we trooped to the rcbc theater to watch avenue q.

before we watched it, it has been in constant play in my earphones or in the office when i want to relax a bit, so i know all of the songs already. but i promised myself to make it a little bit different from watching rent. the theater is more full than the gmall cinema in davao. i wanted to keep my mouth shut and listen to the songs, watch the actors play and... ok, i will just sing in my mind.

the show was a blast for me! i loved watching the songs come to life. i liked seeing the actors' facial expression and the way they moved on stage. it was a great treat for me, and i think the audience in general agree with that. breaking out in laughter while hearing "the internet is for porn," emphatizing with kate monster as she belts "there's a fine line," and the other songs that i would have danced if i forget for one instant that i am in a theater. anyways, it was almost good. the only thing that bothered me and my officemate was the sound system. i felt that it should be more surround or something. but over-all it was pretty good.

more than the presentation, i think what made me enjoy the show was that it tells a story of a young adult person. those struggling with life, finding (or not finding) about his purpose, probably about being with someone (or not). kinda my story to begin with.

avenue q is sesame street when done by people my age. when i was little, i am ok with singing "letter b, letter b, letter b..." (sung in the tune of let it be... hah, as if you did not know). but now, that i am older, scarred, and more wiser, i hope, my concern would be getting in touch with the life that i am leading. and it might be the greatest question that i would have to answer. what is my purpose?

the show gave some consolation, that maybe, life is not supposed to be as hard as that. maybe life is not figuring out my true purpose. if i haven't found out about it now, then maybe i would just have to keep on living this life, until it comes. like a penny from the sky.

for many people, like kate monster, their purposes are cut up for them already. but for princeton, and me, maybe we have to look a little longer for it. it would not be easy, i know but for now, i think i will ride along with life and just hope that it will come.

for now, the hope of finding it is there, but it should not be bothersome. sometimes, looking after it zealously, makes me shun away the better persons in life. i may not know, what that big P is, but knowing that i am on my way to it, one way or the other gives me something to look forward to.

yeah, i may be in a weird situation right now, but this could only be for now. i should be on my way there. i hope.



  1. You are in manila? Oh my. Text me and let's get together. I was supposed to see the Musical but have no time. huhuhuh...--mitz

  2. i think avenue q is still showing next week. you may ask ticketnet mitz ;)


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