Thursday, September 06, 2007

hospital happy hour

generally, hospitals are horrible places. there seems to be a permanent gloom that hung over the heads of people as you walk through its halls. the smiles of people are loosely fitted mask of a heavy feeling that only a hospital can give you.

some of the crankiest cashiers i've met are those working in hospitals. the doctors with their clean and white overcoat always looks serious when they attend to you. there probably is not a place in that whole sanitized and white walled building where you can find real and genuine happiness.

when i was little, i visited my mom who has just given birth to janet. i was so disturbed when i went to the hospital. i tried finding solace in the chapel to no avail. i wanted to go home already, and was almost ready to throw a fit. until my dad called me us to the nursery for the viewing time. then i saw janet for the first time. suddenly, all the world is happy!

when mom gave birth to melo, i was looking forward for that happy hour again. and i did not seem to mind the whole waiting and damp hospital-like surroundings. because i know, towards the end of the day, i would see my 2nd baby sister. come viewing time, all is happy again!

last sunday, i that a friend of a friend needs some blood. the friend has just given birth. i marched to lourdes hospital, carrying whatever happiness i have. as soon as i entered the gate, it felt as if dementors are sucking the happy in me. we were waiting for the hospital to get my blood checked. we were waiting for them to bleed me.

until we were called together by the husband of the friend. and for a moment, there must have been a doe patronus that lighted up everyone's faces. all is happy again.

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