Sunday, November 11, 2007

coffee blessings

i have been accumulating ground coffee in malaya. it started with kath's birthday gift from basilan of kahawa. on the same day, lea shared with me barako from a local lipa market.

we have been enjoying great coffee every morning since i got it. thanks to nanay's diligence in brewing. i am glad not to spend php65 for a cup from deli france downstairs. ever since i discovered that there are a number of good beans from kape isla, i have avoided starbucks. well, except when no other philippine beans are accessible.

as if that wasn't enough. i received a bag of ground from someone in vietnam. i have to admit that the circumstances of receiving it are mysterious. but mischel says that the coffee was yummy and might be good for an early morning jumpstart.

coming from tagaytay today, i passed by bahay maria pasalubong center. i got a kilo of barako for a longer supply. looking around the shop, i spied upon alamid coffee! i have been planning to try it out for a long time already. and thought that maybe php450 for 1/4 kilo is a good deal already.

after dinner at the jose's we brewed some of the alamid coffee. and boy, was it yum! perfect for family bonding. after my second cup, i smile at myself for being blessed with good ground and beans by friends, acquaintances and smiling shop owners.

i go to zamboanga tomorrow. i hope time and space allows for some kahawa

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