Monday, November 05, 2007

malapascua - bantayan

what do you do, when given a number of days holiday? the troop of anj, jan, ray, miah, mia, ninin and i, packed our bags ang hied of to cebu. to malapascua and bantayan, in specifics.

it was six full days of the sun, the sand and song. beautiful beaches, wonderful whites, bluer than blue waters. man, you have to be there to be able to see, feel, smell, hear and taste what i mean.

but more than the ordinary travel to and from the islands, its the friendships that were made, discovered and deepened that topped those that were offered by the senses. i feel so much blessed with their company. these are young men and women at their prime sharing good, fun time with each other. the best!

i could also say the same with people we met along the way: tita susan and tito peter in bantayan giving oh so generously; andy making sure that our brief stay in malapascua is pleasurable; joan, in bantayan who announces each and every meal that will be served to us. lola who took us in for a night.

i still do not like cebu city. but this trip makes it all worthwhile for the hassle.

i have so much to say. but when mom asked me how the trip went, i can only say - masaya. with a quick smile.

maybe, you just have to be there to fully understand masaya and that quick smile.

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