Monday, December 10, 2007


been meaning to create a photo blog for the longest time. finally, one is in the works, still on multiply. check out stoleni ko beh, at

lately, one of the things that i have been obsessing on is taking pictures. freezing a moment. capturing that smile, that curve of the lips. one that can never be repeated.

this site would house my lomo shots. i do not know until when would i be clicking away with my holga. but while my fingers itch for it, i would house it in the site.

maybe just a reminder of this certain phase in the day in the life.


  1. di ta magkaila. i came across ur blog year 2004 o 05. i liked it, enjoyed reading it, (and missed the philippines by it). i came home and lost ur site. i patiently browsed the net, searched for it, trying to remember the key words which would lead me to ur multiply. finally today, all paid off. gotcha! nice to "read" you again. -bo

  2. and the last time i read ur blog was in 2005.

  3. wow, i was just starting to blog in 2004 - 05! am sure my writings, and my interests have quite evolved since then. i even moved to multiply already. maybe its because, aside from writing, i have found pictures interesting.

    nice to meet you bo! come by and visit again.


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