Thursday, December 13, 2007

opening soon

consequia is like a baby waiting to be born. but like one that wanted to surprise everyone, it is looking like a very mysterious baby indeed. it brings us to new territories of relationships,to new things that we have not experienced before. still, we are excited. the family will be proud parents soon. we just put up the sign last week. it has been quietly illuminating that part of mayon street for a week already.

the lights are ready, the song list is being created. it should be the hippest, jazziest and coolest selection. and the menu is slowly but surely coming into shape.

although, we would have wanted to be quick in opening it up. we are proceeding quite slowly. which, is not a worry for me and janet. i think, we are quite in agreement that we would want to perfect the taste (quality) of our products.

we have to be patient, especially with each other. all of us are coming into the business as first timers. full of excitement and anticipation of what this is going to bring to us.

so there, we await for things to develop. like waiting for that brew to drip.

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