Tuesday, March 25, 2008

consequia summer rewards!

Can you feel the summer heat?

Consequia ushers in the joys of summer with a promo for all you guys. Ice blended drinks perfect for a sweltering afternoon, and relaxing drinks in the evening to stimulate a conversation. Revel in heart warming meals that bonds

Drop by consequia at 409 mayon st., qc during the summer season (until April 30, 2008) and get a rewards card that will allow you to earn points. Check this out, your tenth purchase will let you have a free drink of your choice. quench your

And that's not all, get 10% discount on drinks from March 24 - 29, 2008 when you come in groups of five or more.

Bring your friends, family and chill at Conse!


  1. Wow, what a treat! :p This is great!

    Ahm, will it be OK if you post the different meals and drinks that you offer? If not all?

    I actually told my friends about Conse, that even without the summer promo, we'll be sure to drop by whenever we're in QC! :p

  2. hahaha, well the meals and drinks would be another entry. watch out for it. sige punta kayong conse, let me know early so that i can be there as well.

    take care.

  3. Hey jerry boi! Adto mi diha? I do want to go pero QC is 100 miles away from Laguna. Perhaps sa bday ni ay? Lets plan?

    Oi, have a new blog. Add me: girlashness.wordpress.com. I already added u btw :)

  4. That'll be nice! Thanks! :)

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  7. @caring: tara punta kayo! lets make it on a date na hindi kayo mahihirapan :D honga pala malapit na birthday ni ay!

    gnadugang na tika.


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