Saturday, February 16, 2008

4 days in the life in cdo

it was supposed to be a quick training. our (boring) itinerary read:

feb13 - fly to cdo.
feb14 - day 1 of training
feb15 - day 2 of training
feb16 - fly back home.

i am quite comfortable with that four days laid out in front of me. just three nights away from manila, how tough can it be?

how tough can it be?


i am now in at vienna kaffeehaus in cagayan de oro. i am waiting for a dinner with our partner. then i will travel to davao to catch my 7.40a flight.

you can now probably sense that i was asking a rhetorical question.

that is how the "four days" would close.

the story.

let me tell it to you backwards. my flight at 4p back to manila was cancelled. bad weather in cdo. in fact all flights back to manila were cancelled today. coolness isn't it? when i entered the airport at 3.30p this afternoon, i can see creased foreheads, hear raised voices, feel that the situation is really lousy on both sides of the glass window that separates pal employees from the multitude of people who needs to re-arrange their flights.

as i was queuing for me to reschedule my flight, i realized that the guys on the other side, wearing their blue - yellow patterned neck tie were really having a bad day. the white board behind them were already blaring with scribbles and graffiti like writing. "priority passengers", "cancelled", "bad weather" were just some of the things that were watching the cdo airport gallery scene.

when i reached the window. i decided to make my transaction quick and fast. i do not mind the detour. i was a bit happy coming in since i just had a white water rafting trip in the morning.

why not, am in cdo anyway, and it has been the longest time since the river has called my name. i have always been invited, but somehow, i have not been able to answer. until... this morning.

i put on my favorite outdoor shirt, a pair of quick dry shorts, and my trusty sandals. and had a grand time on the river. there must have been plenty of entries written already about that trip. and i would not like to have an additional comment.

hence, in a paragraph, my impression was:

it could have been better! the basic course really did not satisfy my thirst for unexpected happening. i have to flip dive somewhere in between just to have a certain rush. the waters were too polite, too calm, too modest. i was expecting a real ride.

it could have been because of the last couple of days raining. the water was deep, hence not enough excitement for the rapids to play its way. too bad.

marl marl told me that i should go back, and check out the advanced course. that would have made it more worthwhile. i have not yet gone out of the city, and i was already being invited back.

i glanced outside the window as i heard whistles. ah, i remembered that it is the night cafe. a weekly smorgasbord of tianges in divisoria street. its fun walking around, but i really cannot buy anything here. so when we were in the same area last night, we headed to ketkai for some coffee and desserts. it was good. but we think that is not good enough. we had a training didn't we, and we think that it has been a good training.

lets celebrate then!

the celebrations ended with me smiling, my eyes in chebekoy, and my breath smelling like mixed alcohol. but if you smell carefully you would bet that you will smell: beer, absolut mandrin and bacardi 1551.

who in her right mind would want to do that? tsk tsk. that is why i said "if".

i really think our facilitators pulled it off nicely (albeit, in hindsight there were plenty of lessons along the way). not discounting the fact that the flight arrangements need to be perfect. i said need because, they were. we got the flights that were needed to go to cdo in time for the seminar. but it would entail us taking the first flight out of manila on thursday. after our flight was cancelled last wednesday. two hours of waiting and calling did it good. plus, changes in the flights of mayor on friday. whew. i could have sworn that my blood has coagulated in the remaining weekdays of this week doing these.

add to it trying to listen to the lectures.

and so how difficult could it be?

i do not know.

but it sure was great to be back.


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