Monday, September 29, 2008

and we're back!

and we're back!

days of adventure!
being sandwiched between two storms
negotiating the wind
the waves
the land
now, i know why batanes is such a lovely, lovely place.

now, if only i can organize the thoughts and the pictures.


  1. Wow, is that the Ibatan house (if I got the name correctly)?

    Beautiful... I just hope you can post pictures here too. :p

  2. its an ivatan house. the ivatans are more prone to use the "V" in their language.

    and yes, its an ivatan stone house. it is the house of dakay, the 104 year old house in ivana. the current steward is lola florestida.

    see my prequel photos at:

  3. Thanks for the link but it's private. Can't access because I'm not your contact. :)

    Thanks for Ivatan experience in a very informative way! :)

  4. check out the other albums:


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