Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this journal will actually change your life 2009

i got this really cool offer from FreeSpeech Publications that invited bloggers to get a journal, entitled this journal will actually change your life 2009 planner for free. yes, i am not kidding that is the title of the journal emblazoned all over the front page and on the spine.

but it is free, and i only have to give a review for it.

how hard can it be?

alas, it was a bit hard. as they say, life happens and here i am coming in a bit too late. just the same here are my thoughts on the this journal will actually change your life 2009 (tjwacyl 2009).

my first difficulty is writing a review for a product that has too long a name. i mean, come on who would actually want to write a review for tjwacyl 2009, when you have to repeat its name, heaven forbid - this journal will actually change your life 2009 over and over again. ok, i am no marketing guru, but i know that product recall gets lower and more difficult for customers to get your name right if your name is more than a few words long. not only would it be difficult to pronounce, it just takes up too much space in texts and too much letters in emails.

the starbucks planner is a goody in this one. simple and classic, just the way most people like it. i said to myself tjwacyl 2009 must have something more in store than its name for it to get a good review.

the feel.

tjwacyl 2009 is hard bound with black letters jutting out of the cover. there is nothing funny about it, nor is there something serious about it. it is just plain weird to have those letters jutting out on black background. hey if i have to do a change, i wouldn't be as easy to enjoy it if i am being invited by such a sight.

the starbucks planner was more easy to understand. its covered in leather, nice finish at the beginning, you have a pen holder and pages to start writing. at least i know that this starbucks planner is a planner. not something that wants me to do something else.

physical features.

tjwacyl 2009 is hard bound, it has two book marking strings and nice colored paper in between. but that is just about it. what if i wanted to put a pen right next to it? or what if i want to carry it along my bag, without coming to a point of whether i will bring it or not (because it might be too heavy or bulky. i guess, what you see is what you get for tjwacyl 2009. nothing much to offer except its sturdy covering (with those words emblazoned up front).

going inside.

however, things start to change as i thumbed through tjwacyl 2009. one of the first few pages i laid my eyes upon was that picture at the left. wow, i quote: all proceeds for this journal are going to the building of wells and schools, and the planting of trees all over the world.

we invite you to become part of the solution.

visit www.ineedalifeline.org and help change the world.

ayun naman pala e, may laman naman pala e.

ay sus! then it dawned onto me tjwacyl 2009 is not all about just a regular planner. it is something that has a social objective. something grand, something my mediocre mind can only dream of doing. here is a journal who actually wants to do something.

i just do not know whether they would be true to their word or not. but at this point, at this product review, i think they certainly made a point. that to get tjwacyl 2009 would contribute to something more than just making rich people have a better conscience in drinking their coffee.

features inside.

then the rest is just your-plain-old-things-that-you-expect-with-a-planner. there's the calendar of course wherein you can put your scheds to your dentist, your exam, your paper, your date, whatever date that needs remembering. it also has 1/3 of a space devoted for journaling. hmmm, i tried to do journals in my jvp year in 2002. but i think i will fail miserably. but that is the point of journals right? to have a space to write. i must admit that starbucks also did the same, to be say that it is a journal is to say that its coffee is cheap.

and of course you have your interesting facts and figures on the journal, practical quotes, mood chart, food chart and everything else that i think are informative, but i do not expect to find in a journal. i mean you know, if i want a journal, i would not buy tjwacyl. but if i wanted to help out and be informed on some interesting things about the world in general, and to at least keep track of what i should be doing at a particular date, then tjwacyl 2009 might be something that i can appreciate.

at the end of the day, i think it boils down to what freespeech publications wants to do. i think i lacked the clarity to understand their message. i am just a simple dude, working/striving to keep his commitments and schedules in order, i also wanted to help out the world, and probably bring back some of the things that can help it. but i am not so sure that i am clarified of tjwacyl 2009.

so i say, tjwacyl 2009 might be a little confused on what it wants the user to do. does it want the owner of the journal to change? or does it merely want to help the owner to put down his schedules, have some interesting facts on the side? or does it want to have some contribution in helping save the world?

i guess, it will really help out freespeechpublications if they can sort these things out. i mean there are still some months left. i think for it to be a truly powerful tool (for change, for calendars, for helping the world, for whatever), it has to start off by being clear on what it wanted to become.

isang sentimo para sa iyong iniisip.


  1. hey man, how do i order that? :O) btw, im leaving for baguio for relocation. i got promoted and will be there until further notice. text text na lang po. MWA,

  2. get in touch with them directly. i think it would be available online.

  3. Anonymous7:11 PM

    they sell this in Powerbooks and Fullybooked.

  4. thanks for the info anonymous!

  5. Cool. I think ima buy one :))

    Hey, I was wonderinnnn... How did you resize your TrekEarth photo viewer? I'd appreciate it if you replied :3 thank you. :D

  6. @ ishootpeople: its actually a photo widget that i got from trekearth. instructions should be easy to follow.


  7. Anonymous12:04 PM

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