Friday, May 28, 2004


yey! its friday! i join the workforce in celebrating and regalling the best day of all!!!

never mind if i had no breakfast... i usually dont have time for it.

never mind if te baby is all fumes because of me not coming early (...enough). she isn't very welcoming in the morning when you come in anyway.

never mind if my neck feels a little bit strange and i have to crink it every so often.

never mind if the pef proposal is still proceeding snail's pace, i am still trying to understand how it goes anyway.

never mind if the 10th year celebration is not in the consciousness of people in the office, at least when somebody asks me what to do, i have something to show.

never mind that we still have to do 5s later this afternoon. for today i have no plans...

never mind that i feel so shitty about work. i'll probably be moving on next year, or earlier.

this is what matters. today is the last day of the week!

later, we'll be going out to get our paychecks.

then halo halo after that.

then friday music.

then the weekend at last.

i find it so happy to say those magical words "happy weekend!" that signal what has been a struggle and the rest and recreation in the next two days.

because when the weekend kicks in, it would be Bob Marley look alike contest later.

laundry tomorrow morning... the gush of water, the fragrant smell of soap and downy, the sight of watching water drip from the clothes, and the reflections that go along with it.

watch a futbol match in the afternoon... someone's love is playing.

muvy perhaps in the evening... shrek2.

sleep. sleep. sleep on sunday. or probably macro shopping...

intertwined would be efforts of finding a place for ninin, tatit and mehane.

o well, its only 10am and my mind is all set. and this is when i say....

"happy weekend!"

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    you should have joined the contest.



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