Thursday, May 27, 2004

moving on

finally got my place... a small room, and a bathroom that adjoins to another room, nothing much, still it would be home. finally.

it was a postponed joy, i feel that this should have happened last year. but davao has a way of letting you be. no regrets. the jvp house has been good to me. it has taken cared of me and has shared with me events that has ranged from the mundane to the important ones.

i leave with gratitude.

i also leave looking forward to the life before me. now i know how capt. john smith must have felt as he gazed to what is ahead, while listening to pocahontas belt out "beyond the river bend."

the path has been laid down, but is still unchartered. more surprises are prepared, and the adventure advances...


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    welcome to a new phase...

  2. maybe i was wrong to suggest that you move in to your new house at the 28th, or any date that has an "eight" ; j

    setting aside that silly (sort of, i realized) superstitious belief, i just envy you that you are, in a few days time:
    1) a few steps from geojoe's, oie's and apung kula
    2) a stone's throw away from SM and NCCC ,grrrrr
    3) just "a ride" away from AADC
    4) blocks away from the traffic in Matina every time a cock derby is scheduled
    5) buying 'gamit pambahay' which i could be doing now if only we have been allowed to have a place of our own (si lola man gud); and
    6)closer to more ad and 'odd'-ventures, hehe

    invite mo kami sa housewarming mo; )


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