Monday, May 31, 2004

new slippers

bought slippers yesterday. those kinds usually worn by mountaineers like myself. i liked it by the way red and blue and black splash their pizzaz on the strap. still a bit foreign with my sole though, but eventually, it would have to groove.

i told ninin, that it would be some kind of a ritual of sorts to get the slippers. a kind of making the feet more able to go forward, to explore new nooks and crannies, to run and walk and to visit more interesting places. and so it happened, yesterday and the next few days would certainly be that.

lets start off with yesterday. well yesterday, i watched shrek2 with tatit, ninin and mehane, a whole lot of laughs. siguro mababaw lang talaga ko... but the new thing there is a phone call from an old friend in manila. she felt so warm and i kinda missed her too. those things that we used to talk about. brought back a lot of memories. is this my feet's way of telling me of possibilities?

but no, maybe not yet, not all adventures are worth going into... at least not yet. :)

but before i went home, went to mts, well to drink coffee and read saturday's paper, by myself. twas musicians night at taboan and they were in the side, as i buried myself with old news and new harry potter showing trivia. to do something so alone has not happened recently. i felt solitude, being nameless, faceless and anonymous. new feelings, but good feelings.

today, a monday, i started with a little bounce, for i have resolved to let things the way they are at the office. i can never change agnes' style. i should just shut up (like dilangalen) and just do my job. and still support agnes with the stuff she should be doing. maybe instead of writing this blog, i should already burying myself at that pef proposal.

and tomorrow, i move to my new room! excited, anxious, but looking forward to more adventures for me and my new slippers.

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