Wednesday, June 02, 2004

independence day

at 11:30pm last night, i laid down on the bed. i am tired of carrying my stuff around. now they are all around me, turned into a battlefield of sorts. but at least i have finnally closed book four of the goblet of fire, of harry potter's fame.

my first hours of independence was spent reading a book. hehehe, i was pleased with myself. not having to do what should be done. instead i indulged on the thing that i want to do. i know that i should have bought a cabinet and an electric fan already. but know, i chose to sit down and turn the pages of the 700 or so pages.


that is where all of these began. the goblet of fire choose Harry to be an addendum to the three school champions. He also chose to stand by it and take on its consequences, even if the choice were not his in the first place.

thus, i chose, to live away from the company of tatit, ninin and mehane. knowing fully well that while it would give me more elbow room, it would have also created distances between friends.

though, it would have been lovelier and more convenient to stay with the ladies. but the challenge of being able to stand by myself, for myself and with myself seems a very strong call indeed. this chance is something that i am not letting go.

admittedly, it was a tough choice. i mean it could have been easier if the alternatives are good-evil kind. it was more of the good-good thing. at the point i made the decision, i wasnt even sure which one is better. but i know i have to take a road, i know i have to take another twist. and the fork that i took seems comfortable. i feel that it is the thing that i need, but maybe less of a want.

i woke up this morning with a little skip in my chest. i was surprised of my new ceiling, walls, even the way my back touched my bed. and when i sprang out of it, i know that my life will never be the same again. i have made a choice and i am sticking by it.

p.s. funny that i chose to move out on the month of our country's independence. coincidence? ... naaaahhh choice.

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