Sunday, May 16, 2004

restful sunday

i cherish sundays. well, sundays have been special for me. back in my days in manila, it was a time with the youth in the parish. now it is a time for me. usually, it has been a day to recall strength, and a time to prepare for yet another week ahead.

but the best part about sundays is the mystery that it inherently posses. i maintain, that i would never know what will happen on a sunday. there is something on a sunday that makes it quite different from all the days of the week.

today is a sunday when i rested... i slept the whole morning after hearing mass. then just went out to walk around gsis, hoping to catch a new place to stay. and now just typing away, non-chalantly as if nothing is pressuring me.

sundays are special, maybe because it is a time to go back to the self. a day to take care of oneself. so that in the next week ahead, the self can share itself.

o well, i seem to have no point today. even my writing skills are resting... o well, i just wanted to write. just wanted to express what is in my head. just wanted to feel that someone is listening and is there for me...

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