Thursday, June 03, 2004

male bonding

i would have expected that most people who watched harry potter last night would have written about it. i would have expected that i would be writing about it too today. but i do not feel like writing too much about it, especially today with a bit of hangover.

dont get me wrong though, i liked the way it was made and i am still a big fan. what with the cinematic genius of cuaron, and the greatly improved acting skills of radcliffe, grint and emma watson, it truly is one of the good movies i've watched recently.

i would rather talk about... i do not know how can i put it right... male bonding.

the past few weeks were really a transition for me. along with the transition is the introspection of sorts. and one of those observations that popped up was, i have no male friends here in davao. for the past two years, i have been blessed with the company of women almost entirely.

again dont get me wrong, women are good friends. i have had the opportunity of being in friendship with the best and the worst of them. i guess it has always been mother's instinct for them to take care of people. even the most calloused of them always have a soft spot for this. i have greatly marvelled of their ability to be such. they have a way of prying open the coldest of hearts and the most clenched fists. i stand in awe how some of them have made my heart skip a beat, and how some have broken my spirits.

however, i kinda missed the "distance" that male companionship brings. i missed my brothers. i missed our non-personal way of going out. i missed my drinking buddies, the distance brought together by bottles of beer, yosi, cursing and everything else in between.

i missed talking about cars, loud music, obnoxious and chauvanist stuff. i missed grooving and sharing the pain of living through silence. i missed insensitivity.

i missed doing the bad finger and bad mouthing. slamming, fighting over a girl, immaturity and all the other things that make up our xy chromosome.

in short, i missed being an ass hole.

hahaha, i never thought i would write that. but boys will really be boys. and the want to be bad comes once in a while. and today has just been one of them.

relationships are expressions of a human being's need to be connected. it resides in every strand of being a person. and this is probably my way of telling me that my moving out is also calling me to open up new relationships with other people, while treasuring the ones that i already have.

tang ina ang drama nung huli!

post script: sorry, i just can't resist sharing that hermione's boobs gets bigger when they are outside hogwarts, but deflates while indoors... heheheh

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