Monday, August 23, 2004

god is a playful god

the boat for cebu just left. everything seems to be on it, my stuff, nong abing, bebot and emma... except, well me, agnes and dax. so we are stuck for the night here in cagayan de oro and we would be hoping for an early morning flight to cebu tomorrow to make it to the meeting with ipe at 9am.

its funny how things turn out the way they do. at the pier as we saw the wide ass of the boat leaving, ever so slowly inching away. i smiled, laughed a bit and look up to the pitch black sky. and it is as if i saw a smile hidden in the starless night. here He goes again, sometimes He turns out in the most unexpected instances to help me remember that still stuff are not under my control. that things would not always turn out the way they should because of my strength, nor my powers, nor my participation. sometimes things are just the way they are.

the thought kills me at times though. the control freak that i am rebels, but the fun loving guy smiles and remembers that this is all part of the adventure. it reminds me that truly, no one else is in control of this universe that we are in, except my buddy God. funny, funny, funny.

and i smile at that thought.

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