Saturday, August 21, 2004


kadayawan is one of the greatest gifts that davao has given me. three years in a row, it has never failed to thrill this boy to new heights year after year. in 2004 it promised to be the biggest festival ever (anj: well do they promise that every year?). but big or a bit tempered as last year, kadayawan would always be a reason to come to davao.

my first kadayawan was ecstatic, i really felt like a true blue tourist. having my pictures taken with the dancers, walking around davao as if ninin, mike and myself own the streets. it was so much fun, even after the whole event, with towreelll belted out by gay friends in the jeep.

the second was more quiet than the first, but i was still a tourist then, having my portrait sketched by the guys from dugukan in mts. mike and ninin (with her ate of course :))visiting and staying up till 5am at dimsum dinner.

this year, though, i still feel insy-binsy like a tourist. i feel calmer though. still excited to see the movement of colors and with the high of being in the event itself. but, it is as if i have been a kuya, especially this afternoon at the indak-indak sa kadalanan. i was already the one taking pictures of ina, shiva, jerber, ninin and anj. my joy seems so complete that i wanted to share it with everyone. but of course me and ninin still took our yearly kadayawan picture together.

i was telling her earlier, that truly kadayawan is a one time big time event for davao. and being so, it is one of the things that i look forward to all year round. the festival of festivals, as it has been marketed, but for me it is something that will always remind me of my home in davao.

but before i get all teary eyed and mushy agen. i want to write down the gimik last night.

we danced to the beat of the la carlota drumbeaters till davao time allows. damn, all too powerful beats on different kinds of drums that blends with the mix of house and rave music surely sent vibrations to everyone's asses! meyn we were really dancing last night! but not after downing three bottles of red horse... hehehe.

i can still feel the beat as i type.

anyways i expect tomorrow to be a more restful one. we plan to visit samal with ninin, ina and shiva, and probably take things from there. and not to mention have to put in some work hours tomorrow too.

well that was the workaholic in me speaking, again.

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