Friday, August 13, 2004

training thingies

haha, i'm giving a training. but i have ingeniously delegated a workshop to the participants. haha, i feel so sly. but while resting my throat, i would let my fingers do the talking. and let the participants learn while doing. anyhows, here are some observations:

1. giving training is also listening. i noticed that participants have responded more (thus, reception seems to be higher) to the training when i listen to them.

2. it is not enough to prepare for a training. while doing the training, it is still important to be flexible when situations call for it.

3. assumptions are needed to build the context of the training, but when assumptions are wrong, facilitator must be quick enough to adjust.

4. clarify yourself, and clarify what participants are saying.

5. communicate with the participants. giving new knowledge and listening to participants as they talk have equal footing in the training. one cannot be tipped in favor of the other.

6. be in the training. so i will stop writing now and go back... hehehehe

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