Tuesday, September 07, 2004

i'd rather be on a bus

if there is one thing that i would like to do today, that would be to take a bus ride.

destination? not necessarily definite. i just want to feel the rush of the travel once again: the whip of wind on my face that lifts a few strands of my hair; the vibration of my seat that sends waves of anticipation in my gut; the security that i place on the steady hands and the watchful eye of the driver.

i'd rather be on a bus, than to sit in front of this computer.
i'd rather be on a bus, than to crunch on this keyboard.
i'd rather be on a bus, than to think.

i'd rather be on a bus, because my eyes have missed the color of the road, the beauty of vegetation on the side, the greatness of the sky as it covers the earth, the fog of dust that sometimes filters the light and turns the world into an unknown.

i'd rather be on a bus, for it twirls my imagination. it extends me beyond what is there. at every bend, there is the mystery and the anticipation to see what the world has to offer. it fosters hope in the silence of the travel. it reminds me that there is a destination to all of these, while tickling me and saying that the "going to" is still as valuable as the "arriving."

i'd rather be on a bus, because it helps my thoughts to remember. it recollects bits of time and encapsulizes it for a brief second. the travel makes me master of time, where i can freeze the moment, reconnect with a minute gone by, and imagine the era of the future.

but i am not on a bus, nor anywhere near the road. and so i fold this wish and wait for the moment to cherish it again.

i have developed a mole right on the tip of my middle toe, left foot. observed it to have grown from a tiny speck to what it is now right after my jvp year.

old people say that to have a mole on the sole does not allow the person to be at a solitary place. pretty close, but still i chuckle and agree that yeah, this soul would never find its rest. at least in the near future.

erratum: i just inspected my left foot, and the toe where i have my new mole was the second finger from the big toe (i was thinking the foot thumb.... hahahaha ang tanga). i confused it with the middle finger because it is the tallest (hahahaha, ang tanga ko talaga nu?)

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