Thursday, September 02, 2004


last night was an mts night.

code struck a happy tune last night. they were belting out new wave. i just have to cast my worries away and sing to most of the songs. before this opium, i was eating adobo flakes alone at the bar of asian fusion. and suddenly the feeling of "missing" came about.

this feeling is a rarity. i remember in my jvp year, i only managed to miss Grace only once. That was around september, but never before that and certainly not after. the feeling was so rare, that i just had to let her know about it.

anyways, the feeling visited me again. about the same time two years ago.

i never really got to articulate who and what i miss and why i miss them. it was just a feeling that enveloped my dinner and came with the crunch of the adobo flakes and the more than oily fried rice (yech).

as i went home after the first set of the band, i decided to walk the 20 minutes in juna subdivision from mts to my room. there in the silence of the night, with the post fool moon wane and the relaxed scuffle that followed my steps, images of people came gently as if dew in the middle of the night.

farah, tina, carina, omar, janet, melo, lyan, mom, dad, pare, oca, ross, ay, to some extent ninin. it came, and as i write this, i miss them more.

so a text messge is in order, after all this feeling only happens once every two years.

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