Tuesday, October 19, 2004


i always believe that time is at my side. it is a comforting reminder that everything will be all right.

i had coffee last night with a friend, ben. actually, he was the one who invited me to talk about some employment opportunities in the future. i came prepared into the meeting, prepared a list of my "interests" so to speak.

the talk was cool, easy as we started off with his excitement on new projects he is envisioning. and then all of a sudden he was already articulating his need for a person to manage an event on the first few days of december. i told him that i would still be connected with my current organization until end of november. as the december thing requires a whole lot of preparations by nov, i said no.

but before my mind rationalize on timings and probably compromises to some extent. there he was telling me that if i am not able to come in to work by nov. he would be happy to have me for 15 days of december to just wrap up the dec event.

i was already smiling, cause the offer fits like fingers of two hands entwined.

with this:

1. i have time to work and play in davao for 15 more days before going home to manila
2. oca's wedding would not be compromised
3. other options for employment could still be considered
4. omar's wedding would already be a sure hitter

its a conspiracy. and i mean that in a good way.

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