Friday, November 12, 2004

crazy countdown

let me get sentimental a bit and relish the thought that today is november 12, 2004. and that means that i have 18 days with aadc. that also means that i have only two more fridays before i become officially -- jobless.

kang sent a message through friendster, asking how am i doing. i answered that i am doing well. somewhere along the way, i shared to her how i have not felt afraid of not having clarity as to my employment status past november.

whenever that thought comes by, i always go back to myself and take a reassurance test, whether the fear is still absent. when i said it this afternoon, it only took a wink before typing on. and towards the end of friday, while wilson continues the facilitation for our public disourses on current day economic issues affecting mindanao's poor... pant pant, quite a mouthful, i smile slyly for in a few days time i would be sans of earning potential yet i feel that i am not treading on dangerous water.

and i still don't know why, i continue to harbor these silly thoughts.

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