Wednesday, November 10, 2004


i recently got a subscription in the yahoogroups of bobong pinoy. it is a very active group, with emails coming in at least 10 or so at a time. in my last hour of the day, one post begs:

what does Wonder mean to you guys? please...

can't resist, can't resist. here's my take on it.

Wonder is a state of extreme marvel when i am humbled by the immensity of the beauty of the moment. big words isn't it. but i guess it would be easier to grasp it when i say that wonder is:

... the sun gently touching the horizon at dusk.
... having a real close lady friend that is not a girlfriend.
... the impetus to rise in a morning, to face doubts of the day.
... peanut butter.
... eating durian standing up, gulps of coke in between and belching after every gulp.
... loving someone.
... being loved by someone.
... making that someone know that she is loved.
... hearing about how someone loves you.
... bare feet on the sand.
... a shooting star that splits into two.
... the gift of presence to family.
... the smile of strangers, that lead to conversations, that lead to friendships.
... a good cup of capuccino from basti's brew.
... mount apo in the morning, with or without its blanket of clouds.
... a text from a friend long unheard of.
... faith in god.
... belief in one self.

i could go on and on. but the thing is, what makes wonder wonderful is that it can be a very personal thing. yet when someone hears about it, it can stir a similar experience in another.

my take.

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