Tuesday, December 14, 2004

passing time

this time its in netopia at sm city davao. am waiting for kang to arrive. after running from:

the waterfront insular - christmas party last night
to the tm office - eat lunch
to the ilaw office - deliver printer and go with ate maco, nette and chamby
to the terminal - cancel my naga tickets
to sm - buy some gifts
to aldevinco - buy more gifts
to gaisano - buy gift and have oca's wedding gift wrapped
and back to sm - i rest my tired legs and contemplate on the moment.

i just did christmas shopping for the people that matter. somehow, buying stuff for these people completes my wish list for christmas. it has been a tradition, at least for me to join the melee of shoppers, during the count down to christmas. tiresome... yes. but nothing compares to the feeling of joy of looking for small things that would i think would be nice for them.

say it as the christmas consumerism, or the band wagon of materialistic advent. could be. but behind all those labels is the simple thought that celebrates the worth of these people to my life. budget could be limited (which it is, especially at this time), but the expression of remembering to show how much people mean in my life is worth the effort and resources to it.

now if i can only be just like that, most times of the rest of the year.

postscript: as i was writing my last sentence in the entry above, i noticed a white guy, whose name is johnny come in and meet two young ladies, accompanied by an old lady. i am not malicious, but i would have guessed that a "trade" is about to commence.

and maybe i am malicious.

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