Wednesday, December 22, 2004

imagining the road not taken

been a week since my last entry. all i can say is that there are tons of stuff that has happened in the past seven days. daymn, am not sure if i remember it all, here is another attempt. last week has been too blurry and fast for me to remember so i would just like to put down my thoughts as of now. who am i now is a sum (or a product) of what i was before... (could be pirated or paraphrased from another blabber like me. anyways, i apologize for the indecent use of quotes :))

i am in thomson right now. my last corporate career before joining the stream of development workers. it feels great to be back. i feel happy for people whom i have the pleasure of being with and now are still here. somehow i could not help myself imagining what i would be hadn't i took this road.

who can tell?

exactly! who can tell? the package of taking roads less travelled is that you'll never get to know what the mainstream road had in store if you took it. in the same way, the road less travelled would still be a mystery. but then again, here is coming from someone who has taken the "other" route. some imaginations, that has run wild running around my previous playground.

for starters, i think i would have been married. don't ask me why, but that was the first thought that popped into my mind as i was imagining stuff. maybe, jvp came as an opportune time to escape, so to speak, the impending love story between me and grace at that time. kit was right, when she said (or should i say, patronizing me) that when i am not ready, i am not asked to bite into the commitment thing.

gosh i would have been like oca! i would have busied myself with wedding preparation, invitations and other stuff, engaged couples do. jitters.

i also imagine myself with a second wind on my career as a SPA. admittedly, things were really not going well inside of me when i left. had i stuck it out, i would have taken the direction of stock markets that hit rock bottom (there is no other way but up). but then again, not in the pse though.

success must have been defined in the way that i was used to. i would probably have gotten myself richer financially and with friends at that. i use to say that i would still be good with corporate. i can still play and make good with anything corporate. and i still say so today.

quite a nice picture. but no regrets... i am happy at where i am now. and i think what makes it more precious is that, i know that i feel even the loneliness that comes along with the joy of taking this path. and even before i dig deeper, i go back to the now.

which is more interesting...

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