Monday, January 03, 2005

new year

i wonder how many blogs would be titled as, or at least would contain the words "new year"? just for kicks i searched google and came up with 379,000 hits in 0.44 seconds for "new year 200". blogpulse on the other hand, churned out a whopping 670,198 results. there seems to be a whole lot of hoopla over new year's day. what with the fireworks, the resolutions, the polka dots and all, it seems to be, in my opinion, a more celebrated event, more than christmas.

the family celebrated new year's this year with the usual reunion: food, booze, games (pulis at magnanakaw) and gifts. honestly, the rituals of the reunion, no matter how traditional they have become still became one of the most awaited event for the family every year.

it has always been fun to look forward to the surprise of my dad's kare-kare. being in davao surely has deprived me of this. second only to beef alexander, this dish is unmatched even by the best restaurants in davao. i asked my dad, why is this so. and he said as a matter of factly: "kasi may pagmamahal e." i guess that makes it special, and the best tasting memory of home for me.

booze, damn if the new year's drink is an indication of the alcohol intake for the coming year, i think i would have liver failure, same time next year. we started off with wine (red wine, white wine, asti). and if that is not mixing alcohol, then pushing in another four bottles of san mig light surely would do the trick. but no. the spirit of the good times called again and sponged in another bottle or two of red wine. by the time, the fireworks are dotting the quezon city - manila skyline my brain is already swimming, my lips breaking into a silly grin, and my conscience telling me how crazy i am to mix alcohol... again.

damn, i just never learn.

games and gifts, of course. the family favorite is pulis at magnanakaw. its a simple game really. all the players stand in a circle, one handkerchief would be tied with one knot would be the pulis. the other one would be tied with two knots would be the magnankaw. shouting and heckling is optional. loud yells and pangugulang is not allowed at all...


you need to play this to really appreciate it.

i took in all the revelry, because i know this only comes around once a year. in a few days, i would be back home to davao. i guess that is when the new year begins.

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