Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the mountain and the delta

i dropped by anton rose again before going to work today. and as walked towards kalamansi road, there he was, again. the grand daddy of all philippine mountains: apo in its full splendor. not a cloud in sight, and the morning light is just enough to add drama to the strength that the mountain exudes. how i wish i could go back in scaling its slopes once more.

this morning was one of those days, i wish i had a camera with me.

o well.

i was still savoring the sight when i rode the pnb-lto jeep that would take me to the anda office. it went on its usual route, from quimpo, to the terminal, then right towards boulevard, then to bolton bridge. i stole a glance to where the davao river meets the davao gulf. truly, this scene is one of the best shots there is in the whole of davao city.

this morning, the tide is just coming in. there were ripples as the salty water mixed with the incoming not-salty (i can't exactly call it fresh water nowadays) water from inland. it would not take more than a minute to cross the bridge on a jeepney. but when i cross it, it seems like forever, like when angela dodson and john constantine get a glimpse of hell. although, the bolton bridge scene is the exact opposite.

all move in slow motion as if in consonance with the water dancing under the shanties that align the edges. like soldiers heralding the coming of the bride to the groom.

mornings such as this are simply... blessed.

dang, i wish i had a camera with me.

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