Monday, October 17, 2005


dropped off ate maco and toto at katanayanan before going home. i needed to be back in davao tomorrow early morning, and they wanted a time with the community. fair enough i say, at least we are aware of what needs to be done.

after a whole day of talking in workshops, taking pictures, and listening to people and being one with them, i was thankful for the pepsi na cokes at the end of the day. almost got a brain freeze there.

i thought i couldn't get any better. i was wrong.

as i waited for the last trip of the multi-cab out of carmen to kabacan, albeit a bit worried, i cannot help but take a look at the scenery behind me. the sun was setting. the blue was slowly swirling with the orange of the afternoon, blending in the grey of clouds. i seeped in the beauty of the moment, swallowed the colors that blends like an artist's palette. all of the heat and grime, and inconveniences that i felt during the day, slowly melted as the sun kiss the horizon. i was being brought to another realm of existence as the day dissolves into the night. my heart cries out to the beauty which i feel that i am not worthy to behold.

again, i thought it couldn't get any better. i was wrong... yet again.

as i boarded the yellow multicab driven by this guy whose name i overheard as jun, i sat with the last seat available with my back against the beauty. i tried to imagine it happening and still tried to see past my shoulder. when my neck started to get weary, i contented with the view of the passenger in front of me. and as if to taunt my contentment, i saw the moon in the fields behind the left ear of the kid in front of me. it is climbing slowly, no rush and with an air of excitement. it has just began its night! it danced with its own rhythm like a belly dancer swaying her hips with the beat of the early evening. it entranced me with the music it made, seducing me to heights of passion and love.

as i bathed at the last glows of the sun and with the infantile rays of the full moon, i said a quick prayer of thanks to god for this wonder. and probably also for giving me the gift to appreciate it.


sana kasama kta d2

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