Friday, October 14, 2005

tick tock

i took a swig of red horse from impit purok last night. found it was too early to be heading home around 9pm. so there i was, trying to be interested with the band composed of a girl that sings and her two cohorts. one plays the guitar, so-so, ok na rin i guess, the other hits the k-hon. o well better than nothing.

good thing the beer was cold.

i headed home, as soon as the next band played the theme song of mulawin. that was way too much for me, considering the stress i have gone through.

as i was nearing taps in the corner, i heard a lady voice shout my name. i turned around and saw that maya is just in front of the cell phone store, just before the ukay-ukay and the convenience store, around 15 meters away. so you can imagine that was quite a yell.

glad to see an old friend back in davao after some months in manila. last time we saw each other was like a year ago i think. we talked briefly and exchanged pleasantries. the clincher though was when i had to answer "no" to all of her questions, which went as:

- do you still play sports?
- are you still into badminton? ...kayaking? ... swimming? ... mountaineering? ... hiking?
- so, nag-bibike ka na?
- were you able to buy land na?

trouble with these questions is that it leaves so little room for explanations.

we promised though to catch up in the next few days.

damn, all the stuff that i said that i would be doing or going to do from last year is still in the pending file.

funny though how likes and aspirations can change over time.

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