Monday, January 09, 2006


there was a moment last night when i just wanted to stay put in manila.

it did not happen while i was packing my stuff....
it was a few minutes before.

it was under the moon whose face is turned a bit away from me.
it was a split second when i said goodbye to a dear friend.

well, at least manila has become a bit of home again after a long, long time. i asked myself whether this is a signal of things to come. many people have been saying (and have been praying, most especially dear mommy) that i would be going back to manila... on a more permanent basis. even my brother, who usually keeps his opinions to himsilfe has joined the fray...

... kuya, bigyan kita ng two more years!

i laughed it of.

then this morning, i wasn't laughing anymore. is this the northwind blowing again? am i being led to somewhere else. i shudder at the very thought of leaving davao, of leaving mindanao, and here i am being torn by some unlucky coincidence.

yikes, its the new year and i am in drama mode. i just take comfort from the words of the person who said: we all had to do what we have to do.

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