Saturday, January 28, 2006

instant travel

i wish it was this easy everytime.

i woke up this morning curled up inside my malong in st. peter. an interior barangay in malaybalay city that i reached yesterday afternoon after travelling seven hours from davao. it was a cool and nice place where an activity would be held in the next few days.

what happened in the next few hours till this moment was still a bit blur for me. i knew that a few friends would be in cagayan tomorrow for a zipline event thingy. i was a bit sad when the activity this weekend coincided with the gimik. but after learning that my take at facilitation would still be on monday, my feet suddenly got itchy.

so i asked boy to accompany me on a seven minute habal ride to sitio mahayag to get to a cell site. made a few calls, computed time it would take me to get to cdo and back, consulted the habal drivers for their last trips, took a peek inside my wallet, and finally asked permission from ate maco.

and off i go. took a one hour ride on a habal habal within a road not frequently taken. skipped on a non-air bus to cagayan de oro. and now, typing away so that i do not forget this moment.

whew! this should be one hell of a trip. a bonus is my bro is also in town because of some roadshow for his company. and there is the fire works display at ketkai tonight at nine. and of course there's anj and tat, real good friends that i really wanted to spend time with.


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