Tuesday, January 17, 2006

just do it

its the third week of the year, and i was still in vacation mode! damn, i hate feeling like this, feeling exhausted already because of all the things that need to be done. just looking at all the plans and the stuff that should be happening next week and the rest of the year, makes me want to go back into my bed and sleep it all away.

talk about escapism.
talk about laziness.

but somehow, sparks of inspiration strikes me that makes me wonder why i am escaping... or why i am feeling lazy. the inspiration came yesterday in SM Davao. there i was walking around, trying to get two rolls of film and three mini dv casettes. at the same time, trying to figure out what to do in the next few days.

then i passed by the nike stadium shop and instantaneously i looked for the swish and the words that are associated with the brand. i saw the swoosh but somehow i knew what the swoosh is telling me.

just do it!

and i get the drift.

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