Thursday, May 25, 2006

youth camp image

it was raining last night. not very strong nor very weak. its like rain that you get towards the end of summer. a welcome kiss for the parched land of cotabato. and a slow goodbye to the last days of the sun and the sea.

its day two, and the last night for the YoUTH KaMP in Ranzo. the second night also we attempted to light a bonfire for a peace ritual. while it already rained in the afternoon, a sunshine break as it was about to get dark provided us enough time to chop some dry wood and pile them at the center of the field. the wood was really very dry, in spite of the soft rain minutes ago. i chipped off one small piece and lighted it with my lighter.

ahh glowing embers.

within minutes, a big part of the almost rotting mango trunk was making a sound and heat was already emanating. i looked up at the heavens, and prayed that the rain wouldn't extinguish our bonfire.

as soon as it got dark, me and all of the young people who participated in the camp had to rush back to the peace center to shelter us from soft rain as it blanketed our camp. i sat outside the peace center, and afforded a few minutes of silence. looked at the direction of the bonfire, and it was still burning!


a bonfire burning under the rain. its like two elements comming together, marrying each other. opposites but letting each other be each other. at some point, the flames illuminated a portion of the field. am just in awe, and do not know what to make of the sight. similes and metaphors seems mute at that very moment.

i always had the idea that to extinguish fire, you just need water. and to cast the spell of coldness, you just need a bit of fire to warm you. last night, all those definitions went down with the rain. oh, if only my slr can catch drizzle of rain as it embraced the warmth of fire. if only my words can write what i felt at that exact moment....

i would, and preserve that powerful and consuming image.

it was a night of exemptions. a night of contradicting ideas and "out of the box" thoughts. and with the blessing before my eyes, i said to myself that there is just no way i can guess the work of the divine. i still carry the excitement of last night.

this morning, the rain is gone, and the supposedly bonfire is also gone, few pieces of wood littered the rim of the ashes. maybe fire and rain has cancelled each other out.

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