Wednesday, January 31, 2007

honeyed bahalina

monday night. ahh, what a nice to time to... drink.

monday started early with me rushing to kabacan to take care of what i left there. i am virtually clean of assisi stuff. but then again, maybe not, judging from the panaw sa kalinaw shirt i am wearing right now. but then again, i may never ever get to steer clear away from it. not now not ever...


i arrived just in time for a late dinner of batsoy in lanang executive homes. thanks for the meryenda treat of batoto i survived the trip back home until 8p.

model homes is not very far from lanang so we were there in a jiffy. judging from the look of things, this is going to be an easy night. one bottle of red horse grande, one bottle of red wine for the ladies. some chips, lots of stories, calendar presents from two of my best buddies. no sweat.

so i thought.

the time came for everyone to come together and open this beatifully wrapped bahalina bottle-present from rhia-hand carried by kitoy. hmmm, interesting how it smelled. it smells like sweet vinegar.

when we were young, omar, janet and i used to fancy dipping our fried galunggong into natural cane vinegar from pangasinan with a dash of sugar. it makes the oh so ordinary galunggong more interesting like what mang tomas does to other dishes. this is not to say i fancy that brown liver sauce.

fast forward to monday evening at rubs.

one shot of the elixir and i tasted its treachery masked by the sweet, cold sensations that i feel in my mouth. it would not be long now when my head will spin, my eyes will get chebekoy and my tongue will twirl and make slurred sounds that can still be discerned (thank god) as speech.

but i was not about to give up this beautiful drink swirling in my glass for that drunken state later.

after finishing the bottle, some 3 shots for me and yani, small wine glasses for ava and tatit and churchill mixing it with red horse, i just about got what i expected. that happy, sleepy feeling of being drunk.

but not wasted

at all.

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