Friday, January 19, 2007

the right time to eat chocolate covered durian

we were texting last night.  i can almost hear her scream at me, "why didn't you tell me that you're in manila?"

i said "i wanted to spend more time with ila."  which was true.  but if someone kaladkads me, i would not have choice but to be kaladkaded.  hehehe.

anyways, we agreed to meet up in starbucks in tomas morato.  it was around 11:00p when i got there.  still a whole lotta people.  i wondered where do they get the money to spend for coffee worth more than a hundred?  i remembered how i enjoyed the kabacan - pikit brew at php5 per 1/4 kilo.  i went outside and waited for her.

she is a good friend, and we always make it a point to see each other, whenever she comes around in davao. 

when she arrived, she was carrying this green box and dutifully handed it to me.  it is a box of Vesso Durian Chocolate!  i love durian!  and i love chocolate, what other combination could be better than that.  i was feeling all giddy and happy for my gift, wearing it like a prize.

when our time came to order, mira, the starbucks lady saw my box and i saw the way she looked lustfully at the box.  i asked her if she's from davao?  she said no.  then why would she be interested in durian?  she answered, "hindi pa kasi ako nakakatikim nyan e, are you going to share it?"  eyes fluttering.  "meron nyan sa sm, bili ka na lang..."

sure she's interesting, but i would wait for sunday, when the whole family is gathered before i open this.  though, i would be dreaming of the sensation of eating it now every night till sunday, it would have to wait to be shared to people that matter.

it would have been great to open up the package right there and then and enjoy it with the guatamela brew that i ordered (with risreto shot).  i would have gained some pogi points with mira for a few yumful delights.  but i think, i'd rather have it when we are all gathered.  all nine or ten of us, including of course my favorite pamangkin - ila.  we would be so noisy, and i can see the excitement brew in our eyes as we wait for the box to be finally opened by either dad or mom. 

while there might not be enough for 2nd or 3rd servings, at least the thought of sharing something good with persons you feel really attached with and love the most is far more comforting than sharing something with a stranger.

"may eq ka pa ba, to keep that till sunday?"  she quipped.


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