Monday, February 05, 2007

beer @ bakbak

sometimes, i would like a place where the beer is ice cold.  just your good old fashioned red horse that is ice cold.  somehow, asian fusion has become lame in serving my favorite beer a bit warm.  if only there is a place in davao city where the beer is ice cold, i would be sure to visit.

during my last visit to manila, i got together with ninin, andy (lim) and steph, and they were talking about bakbak.  where the beer is cold.  strike the bottle with a fork, and the beer would freeze like slush.

i just have to try it.

and tried it i did!

it is a small place at the back of K1 ktv in torres.  it looks like a carinderia, but with the tables all full.  all the more intriguing me.  i must be true.

our first bottle was not a disappointment.  its definitely ice cold beer rushing through my throat almost giving me brain freeze.  well, one good turn deserves another.  so i got another bottle, this time to see if the beer will freeze, using andy (lau)'s trick.

a fresh bottle, i got a fork and struck the bottle right at the middle.  and observed.  the beer started to bubble, then ever so slowly, the little bubbles turned into little globs of beer.  i told a funny story, and then when i brought the bottle to my mouth, the beer has turned into a slush.

ahhhhhhhhhh, so good!  i remember 7-11.  i remember yani's red horse float!

and there is nothing to prove anymore.  but what the heck, i ordered another bottle to cap the night.

mobalik ko diri.

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