Tuesday, January 09, 2007

new year

new --

is such an amazing word.  i googled it and came up with almost 3,150,000,000 hits!  meaning to say the word must've popped in more than 3m web pages.  more so during these days, what, with the beginning/ushering of 2007.

i wrote something at the start of last year about how i see the new year enfold.  it was a bold acclamation of what i think would be happening.   if i were a fortune teller, and make a living out of it, i can pretty much say that my batting average was pretty decent.

but i wasn't.  i was this adventurous young man, out to conquer the world.  with itchy feet and a nothing much on my bag except my trusty water bottle, 2006 was a venture in known waters.  i mean i have been in assisi then 2nd year in a row.  been in mindanao 4 years.  and should i say that i am quite comfortable with what i was doing.

but all that changed, seems like in a moment in 2007.  now, i am with a new job, new frameworks for development, new things to do, new people to get in touch with, new way of doing things, new areas at that.

and contrary to last year, this year, it seems i cannot say what would be in '07.  nothing seems sure.   uncertainties taint every step of the way.

but that is not to say that 2007 is frightful.  the most part of that uncertainty is the thrill of new discoveries about me.  a good friend whose nose knows told me that it is evolution.  am 30 after all.  and that age opens a lot of doors, windows, avenues and what have you.  it could be nerve racking, full of baby steps alond the way, but am sure i can squeeze in a whole lotta fun along the way.

and there you go.  like watching the new year night on the last night of 2006 and the esplanade sky last sunday at the esplanade pyrolympics, i wait for the next big explosion that would make me wow!

happy new year.

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