Saturday, February 10, 2007

yakan village

the yakan village in zamboanga is a small bunch of shops near the lobregat resort in zamboanga city. there were around eight or so shops clustered around a small area. at the onset, from a davaoeƱos point of view, it looks like aldevinco, a smaller version and warmer version. and it was minute in comparison to the barter in pasonanca (which i would be visiting with omar and divine later on).

but something about that brief afternoon visit, wants me to come back with a camera. it was brief, we only stayed for 30 minutes or so. maybe it was that few minutes i spent talking with a lady and her daughter who were selling yakan weaves. they described the different names of the pattern.

the sabutangan, is the most intricate and prized of all patterns. it is a memory design, in which the weaver makes the pattern based on her memory. i inspected the fine design and i wondered if its machine made already. it looked so fine. i concluded it could be, but that would not discount its beauty.

the bunga sama is the pattern that i usually see in aldevinco. it is usually made of blue cloth and the one other color of thread for the pattern. they usually make them the patterned cloth into table runners, placemats and glass coasters.

the sinaluan on the other hand is the original yakan cloth. the lady at the stall and her daughter told me that it takes a few days to finish one meter. the pattern is also impressive with a combination of colors and designs that i lack the words to describe. for my un-expert eye, the sinaluan is like a malong that is made yakan style.

in my next trip to zambo, i hope to have my camera and my friendly smile ready. i sure would like to hear more of the weaves.

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