Friday, February 16, 2007

pre-manila blues

do i really have to go to manila?

that is the first thought that shuddered my sleep this morning at 5am. sheeeeet, i have a flight to manila at 7.45am! experience told me that i would not want to be late for a flight. that would mean adding more stress to an otherwise stressful experience already. at least for the love of me i would be able to take it easy before the sojourn. though breakfast would be at the airport already at least my heart wouldn't beat through my neck as i travel to the airport from matina.

anyways, i arrived at 6.30a. lots of time to grab a sandwich and a good cup of coffee at cafe to go at the airport. enjoy a quick cigarette perhaps. these are happy images forming in my mind when i saw a burgeoning line right at the check in counter for PAL (plane always late...). this couldn't be right.

i checked the flight schedules. i couldn't find the 7.45a schedule, typical.

there are, however, an 8.15a and a 9.20a schedules. and guess what the longer line, and the later flight schedule would be my flight. brillant. lots of time in my hands.

i managed to check in 2 hours before my flight. talk about being early.

i can feel sapot knocking on my door. i feel my nerves tingling.

good thing there was a quick and nice breakfast with ava for some more stories and pan cakes.

fair enough.

oh well, another week to bear. good thing it started just right.

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