Monday, July 23, 2007

anybody listening in the sona?

right about now, my girlfriend in a dream is giving yet another masterfully written speech. maybe just a slur and a blur there,her english would be eloquent, nicely said words and promises. she would have been speaking right in front of a whole gallery of dirty hands and clean intentioned senators and congressmen whose interests in what she says varies from:

1. i hope she finishes soon so we can get over this ceremonial show.


2. i pray your nose gets to become taller than you... you liar.

before i feel the bane of the human security act... (which to my mind is better termed as government insecurity act of 2007).

as i was saying, right about now, she is now in front of the bicamera. she is in her best telling her minions how the economy has grown, how the government has saved bossi (after allegedly paying 4,000,000), how infrastructures are booming in luzon, and how it is not in mindanao, how everything is nice and gay and beautiful.

while outside, the masses has year on year gathered to present their version of the real state of the nation. it usually is a stark contrast.

ok, the numbers may have shown a spark of hope. and there are definitely some progress here and there. yet, the voice of the masses not feeling this so called progress is definitely a voice that can never be ignored. it will transcend the barriers of riot police and someone must listen to these cries.

and so we are stuck.

the versions of the truth in the philippines is spoken by both sides at the batasan, right about now. but no one wants to listen. both are talking (and shouting, proclaiming progress or burning an effigy). but no one wants to do anything about it.

the girlfriend does not want to do it. because it would mean that she has done a little bit (ok for the benefit of the doubt) of wrong all these years. she would be opening a whole lot of defenses that has somehow kept her in power. and the slightest threat to this power, she would crush, like a shiny boot would crush a cockroach on the marble steps of malacanang.

the people, for their part, also would not listen. their sentiments are far too strong to be ignored one more time. even if that has been happening ever since. i imagine my compatriots during my time in UP. i know them well, those who have been to the picket lines and shouted their lungs out. i know also of people who were born out of the storm. they also have shouted their lungs out. and i imagine the fresh fists that would be raised today. they are in fact shouting their lungs out. yet the same voices of what they have been fighting for have become too noisy to hear what the other side would have to say.

and so the people, the government is stuck.

the truth is held by these two. the one in the inside, preaches hope (in some form). the people outside believes in some way that there should be something better for them. if only they would sit down together and get their acts together.

i say to the girlfriend. stop patronizing your numbers in congress and the senate. they are just there anyway because of their own economic gains (ok, not everyone, for example there is senator..... ahmmmmmmm, what's his face? and oh congressman..... hmmmmmm, tsk tsk, i am a forgetful bud).

i hope one sona will come when everybody comes together to move forward. rather than celebrating or damning their version of the truth (or the untruth).

knock, knock...

whois there?


eddie who?

eddie wala...

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