Wednesday, October 24, 2007

coffee yum!

last night found me wondering in glorietta the week after the explosion. noticeably, the crowd is thinner. there seems to be a hush that fell in the mall in contrast to the noise and confusion last friday.

my feet took me to glorietta four to the coffee and conversations event of the philippine coffee board. free and coffee on the same line is really worth checking out, whatever the circumstances.

imagine my delight when i saw familiar brands such as amadeo coffee and monk's blend. of course present in the line up as well were figaro, coffee beanery and gourmet coffee.

we saw amadeo coffee in tagaytay. i immediately went towards it as it reminds me of a wonderful day with friends. a chance to translate the fun into taste. the first sip told me that this cup (albeit served in styro foam... the environmentalist in me is screaming) is a good choice. smooth and contains a fruity scent.

the shop at its back is cordillera coffee. hmmmm let me have another cup. it blew me away. the second cup did not loose its appeal. it was the right smoothness and the aroma is also good. it felt like silk caressing my senses while i enjoyed it.

then there was monk's blend. as homage to mindanao, i also had a cup. the taste is very familiar. pretty much the same cup i used to have in the monastery of the transfiguration in malaybalay.

amidst all of this, i found it interesting that the nescafe booth has the most number of patrons. i wonder what is it in instant coffee? beats me.

i was sleepy already when i got home, but wanted that caffeine induced state of floating to stay a bit more. so i spent the night veging out, taking a peep into the days in the lives of kokey, sarah geronimo, lastikman and isay.

i am a bit happy anyway, so i can afford a little bit of a quite domestic night.

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