Tuesday, October 23, 2007

no rain

for the past 30 odd years of this life, october 20th has been greeted with the kiss of rain. the 2007 version begged to disagree though.

woke up this morning, feeling light and easy. looked out my bedside window and saw droplets making their marks on the green roof. its a checkered roof in the making. went my way doing the morning rituals, and as i put on my rubber shoes, i asked omar whether there was rain last saturday.

there was no rain. for the first time in memory, no rain from above greeted me.

i would have felt like as if a tradition has been broken. i would have felt a little bit betrayed by the weather as it did not make its usual visit. i would have felt weird and uneasy. i would have wondered why.

like i said, i would have.

interestingly, i felt not a bit betrayed or weird or uneasy or anything to that sort. i was surprised, astonished perhaps, but none of that drama.

it must have been the new things that my third decade is offering me. i know, just by sniffing the air that something is in store out of the moves that i have made. something unnamed in emerging from the old, there is new life blossoming. and that could have been the greatest present i received this year.

apart from the 6bottles of carlberg chill, a book of kite runners, two bunches of black garterized things to keep my hair in place, and the family coming to davao. the realization that there is a new adventure that i am embarking on makes the hair on my nape stand on end.

maybe its time to break the sad drama and put that frown upside down.

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