Monday, December 31, 2007


couple of hours till the end becomes a beginning once again. just a few more hours to our reunion (i.e. leaving the house). but let me just offer toasts to the year that was.

cheers to friends. for listening, for talking, for sharing a year. basically for just being true. thank you for moments shared, for hours spent in silence, for being present, even when not there.

cheers to family. for taking me back. for being open to challenges this year... together. for the thirst to try something new. for the trust that we can still create, and can still bring about something utterly big.

cheers to change. for keeping me on my toes. for teaching me to close some doors, and open a new one. for leading me all over, for the smallest funnies to the greatest lessons.

cheers to davao, to manila, to coffee, to photography, to lomography, to good food, to free movies, to music, to murakami, rowling and palahniuk, to travels, to sun and sand, to beer, to colleagues, to fellow travellers. goodbye 2007. it has been a good year.

looking forward to 2008. i hope all of the above would still be there, plus some more.


  1. it seems you've had a great year pud! yani told me you're with mike! im going to be in manila on jan 12-15. sa makati! any suggestions about cheap hotels? kanang less than 500 pesos? hehe kuripot man ko gud.

  2. hi maya, i dont think there would be rooms for less than php500 in makati. cheapest comes around to php1,000 na siguro these days. the easily accessible ones would be fersal inn, neptune st. good luck.

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