Sunday, December 23, 2007

happiness is a sad song

borrowed the title from charles m schulz. but this is how i describe my story with the girls. it was during my senior year in the university. i remember that sting is in manila at that time. it was crunch time for the graduating class. lots of group works, lots of writing to be done, lots of exams. lots of sleepless nights.

it was a permutation of these "lots" that i came across the saddest song that i ever heard. it was a song of love remembered. GHOST. my lady friends were listening to it because one of them was heartbroken and wanted some consolation. i was on the other hand, trying to work with them and give what i can contribute.

as the sem wore on, and the year at that, i began to become closer to them. the pain become easier, and our friendships improved. and what ties up these two periods together is the song that we have listened while writing, while driving around UP (and closing the headlights), while working/sleeping in houses, while trying to make it through college.

in retrospect, the sadness in GHOST made us all feel the real-ness of our pain. whether that pain concerns our relationships, our failures, our loves - gained or lost. i resound to that pain because that is one of the things that makes me human. it reconnects me to that basic emotion of feeling.

throughout these years, i have felt more pain, inflicted some more. and when i get to that point of hopelessness, i remember one of the girls' songs, i sing it in my head and i feel hopeful, even if everything will not be alright.

i guess that is what makes me happy about their songs. that it makes me feel!

to the girls, here's to knowing you almost a third of my life. and looking forward to more melodies, poetry and feelings.

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